The Frostproof Train Depot

Built in 1912 and is the current home base for Mister Chris’ Coffee Gallery. A huge amount of history and character, and a great place to have a conversation with some fine coffee, music and art.

Welcome to Mister Chris’ Coffee Gallery

Welcome to the “new” Mister Chris’ Coffee Gallery website! It’s been almost one year since the site was created and it was time for a change. I hope you enjoy the fresh look. Many things have been added to the store. Including coffee from five other regions of the world and the Framed Photographs have now been placed in the store.

I want to thank everyone who purchased coffee in the past year. It is greatly appreciated and the folks at St Jude’s Children’s Hospital will appreciate it as well.

I would also like to introduce “Daisy the Coffee Dog,” my new coffee roasting assistant. She adds to the experience a dash of fun, excitement, and inspiration to the entire website. Please welcome her, she’s very sensitive and not familiar with rejection.

Thank you all again, enjoy the site and try some of the latest coffee added to our store.

Watch the progress of our coffee tree in
Boquete, Panama.

The flowers get pollinated by insects. The stems left after the flower drops becomes the bottom of the berry. When at their peak, these berries will be harvested and custom roasted, packaged and shipped to you. You can’t get fresher than this!

Share pleasing thoughts with friends and don’t forget to share Mister Chris’ Coffee! It’s very pleasing!

Enjoy a cup or two and Start Your Day Singing!

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